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SVC TND Series Single Phase Automatic AC Voltage stabilizer /Regulator for home appliances

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Voltage steblizer / voltage regulator / manostat

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Quality coil. Automatic wiring arrangement of copper coil.High precision and stability.
  • Quality carbon brush. Long service life, more wear-resistant, long-term use of protective voltage stabilizer.
  • Integrated circuit. We select high-quality electronic components so ensure reliable performance.
  • Build-in short-circuit protection, open-circuit protection, reverse protection, over-load protection.
  • Offer multiple packaged or tailor-made specifications.

Product Details


TNS Series single-phase high precision automatic AC voltage regulator is composed of contact type auto-coupling voltage regulator, servo motor and automatic control circuit. When the grid voltage is unstable for the load changes, the automatic sampling control circuit sends a signal to drive the servo. The motor adjusts the position of the auto-coupler carbon brush to adjust the output voltage to the rated value and reach a steady state.

TNS series high-precision AC voltage regulator has the function of direct power supply. It has many advantages such variety, fully specifications and beautiful appearance. It has the advantages of no waveform distortion, high efficiency, reliable performance, long-term operation, etc. It has short delay, overvoltage and other protection functions. It can add long delay and undervoltage protection according to the needs of users. The product can be widely used in any place of electricity, it is an ideal regulated power supply to ensure the normal operation of your electrical equipment. Suitable for office equipment, test equipment, medical equipment, industrial automatic equipment, household appliances, lighting systems, communication system, etc.

TNS 5-20KVA normal type  intelligence automatic AC Voltage Regulator stabilizer

TNS (SVC) A series  Voltage steblizere




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