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BEST Portable 300W500W1000W1500W Power Inverter Pure sine wave for Home applications,TV, Car,Fan,Cooker,Lightning Fast DC 12V24V to 110V 220V AC, Car Power Inverter with BATTERY CHARGER 10A12A15A

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DC to AC inverter / Power inverter / Pure sine wave inverter

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Run/Charge Electronics and Appliances, Transforms DC to AC Power
  • Plugs Into Socket or Clamps to Battery
  • Can charge the battery, support all kind of batteries.
  • Built-in Cooling Fan. LED display screen.
  • Offer multiple packaged or tailor-made specifications.

Product Details

ZF Series Low frequency modified sine wave inverter with charger ( 400W~1600W )

ZF Solar charge inverter is mainly used for home power system, widely used for common appliances such as TV, computer,lights,fans and so on.

Adopt advanced CPU microprocessor control technology.

Two or three segment type / Plugcharge form can be selected.

Employs low frequency input and output isolation transformer.

Charge current / voltage / battery type / charing time can be set accordingly.

Operation status and power information on the LCD screen.


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